2020-03-14 16:59:08


It's so warm. Take your hand and walk together. You will never lose it when you walk through the vast sea of people.


The night wind in this city is very strong. It blows away magnanimity and ostentation. You always miss home when you are tired and you miss him when you are lonely.


It is better to see more clearly in the dark than in the dark.


Looking at the waves splashing in the lake, the young mind became melancholy, and the red beans sent by Tonanyan did not know where to go.


Never look back. The thousands of lights behind you are not your home.


With love in one's heart, no matter how deep or shallow it is, one will never be brave.


There are so many roads in the world, but no matter how I go, I can't go the same way as you.


Most of the mistakes are because they do not persist, do not work hard, do not retain, and then hypnotize themselves that everything is fate.


It used to be thought that persistence would make us stronger, but when we grow up, we find that what makes us stronger is to let go.


The so-called maturity is: you have to get used to, anybody's cold and hot; you also have to look down on, anybody's gradual drift away.


You like me, because I am a good person, you love him, even if he is a wrong person.


Take a thousand roads, only one is suitable, meet all kinds of people, one person is enough.


The happiest thing for a man is that his parents are still alive, his confidants are two or three, his lover who can't be stolen, and everything else is an illusion. Don't worry too much.


Of course I won't try to pick the moon. I want the moon to come to me.


No one hates love, but waiting, guessing, apologizing and hurting, and unfulfilled promises.


Sometimes I know something carelessly, only to find that what I care about is so ridiculous.


I want to hug you, but in the time between you and me, people come and go between you and me.


No one in the world can live without anyone. Even if a fish leaves the water, it can roast and eat.


In life, all the good things we encounter in our lives are calculated in seconds.


I think love can fill all regrets, but it is love that makes more regrets.


If you have a sword in your hand, you will hold it and move on; if you have no sword in your hand, you will forget to move on. The swordsman is a sharp sword out of sheath.


Having been accustomed to ease, life becomes winding and there are only ticks and ticks left in life.


The way to go, only you can decide, if the world does not love yourself, no one will love you.


The young woman is not talented, fails to cherish with the prince Dao Sheng, all love and hate lingering, in a dream of Huangliang.


Although years have smoothed our edges and corners, the child who lives in the heart still does not want to grow up.


Visitors have long-lost names, can not say whether surprise or heartache, long time no see, do not come unharmed.


If nothing happens, it is the best revenge. Why prove to the unworthy that life is better for oneself?


How many obstacles do we have to cross in tears in order to gain a sudden insight into the moment when we look back?


May all our regrets in the last half of the year lay the groundwork for our surprise in the second half of the year.


When I was a child, I thought good people had good rewards. When I grew up, I knew that good people were laughed at.


Many times, what we lack is not the idea, but the courage to act.


Maturity means less self-righteousness and more self-knowledge.


In your script, I am willing to be your supporting role. The premise is that this supporting role is irreplaceable.


Congratulations on the day I spent watching everybody look like you. Thank you for your mercilessness in letting me put you down.


Eventually it's Zhuangzhou Dream Disk. You're a gift or a robbery. Eventually, Li Bai is drunk. You're lonely and sad.


Memory is the refuge of reality, but reality takes you to the future.


In early July. Meet him, walk slowly, single shirt red.


People in this life, the most impossible thing to do is to make do with the general, can not find the right, then temporarily not find.


Want to find you, and then hold you tight. I miss you so much.


A lot of times, you don't say, nor do I. In this way, the words change, just think about it.


I don't want your apology, because once you say you're sorry, it means you must be in debt.


The most joyful thing is that after a lot of efforts, everything is slowly becoming what you want.


Clearly miss, but also pretend to be a very indifferent look, I think they feel sad.


I still like my own person, not disappointed, not concerned, not moved, not disappointed.


It's not the vastness of the sea and the sky that comes in return for a step backwards, but a step on the nose and face.


You and I are not separated by a river of autumn and autumn, but by life's errors and mistakes.


I can't spend my whole life. It's possible for you.


May your winter be warm, may your spring be cold, may you have lights in the dark, umbrellas in the rain, and may you have loved ones on your way.


You and I are like little children one day, surrounded by a mysterious jam irrigation, a little bit to taste it, to see how sweet it will be.


The happiest thing in the world is to be a vulgar couple with someone who is not vulgar.


I miss not you, but the fatal past you gave me. Broken the words of a place, patchwork not back yesterday.


Learning is a road from which thorns grow. You can only go out by making hard weapons and shields.


It's impossible to forget what happened, but it's just impossible to remember.


I want to give you all the best in the world, but I find that you are the best in the world.


What's the matter with failure? It's just to start over.


Admit it, you'll still be disappointed, but you're still looking forward to it.


Wait or not, I have waited, and do not care, I have cared, the rest, depend on fate.


The girl is guilty. The crime is in your eyes and my brows. One line at a time pulls my mood, girl, do you know?


The so-called Iraqis on the water side, so I love you in the courtyard wall while I wait outside the mossy courtyard wall!


The world will not be gentle with you, nor will God take special care of you, but I will.