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The cow's eyes were as big as copper bells, and its corners were bright, especially its yellow hair, which was as bright as silk.


Seagulls, when they find fish and mollusks in the water in the air, flap their wings and float lightly to the surface like butterflies.


Snow-white sheep scattered on the green grasslands, like flowers, like clouds, like holy Hada.


This pig * s interesting when eating! Two ears are like big fans, one by one, their heads are bumping, and their eyes are fixed on the food.


The deer is really lovely. Its smooth fine hair is like brocade, its bright eyes are like stars, and its slender legs are like golden canes.


The velvet of sika deer is fleshy red or apricot yellow, and some are black, with fine velvet and bright color.


The Penguin staggered slightly on the ice with its wings open. From a distance, it looked like a toddler.


Giraffes sleep with their ears standing upright, like radar antennas, listening to the movement and alerting all directions.


That empty field, like Mars flying dots of fluorescence, has caused me how many childlike curiosity, joy and intoxication ah!


Dolphins have a special place, it has two brains, this point, any living thing in nature, is beyond reach.


The owl's beak, like the claws of an eagle, is hooked and sharp. It is the main weapon for catching pests.


On the small face of the goggle monkey, there are a pair of big round eyes, like wearing a pair of large sunglasses, which is worthy of the name of the goggle monkey.


They often sit upright, giving food to their mouths with their front paws, just like people do with their hands.


The sculpture chooses the best angle of attack, suddenly converges its wings in the sky, and its body drifts silently towards the target like a leaf.


This big fat pig has a round buttock and a big stomach. Because of its excessive fat, it has to walk slowly, like a man with a big shelf.


A pair of snow-white swans, like two huge white lotus floating on the water.


Facing the sunset, the flower cow kept shaking its tail to catch flies and shaking its head. It seemed to be drunk and walked lazily to the village.


The yellow cock, with his head raised and his neck bent, is singing aloud, like a tenor singer who is on stage for the first time.


The elephant's nose can stretch, stretch freely, feel agile and flexible, and swing like a flying boa constrictor.


Grandpa's horse is a strong male horse with jujube-red brown hair, two leaves-like ears, and big black eyes.


The lake is calm, the water is clear, the scenery and the water are integrated, and the white seems to be in a fairyland, lingering and forgetting to return.


When danger occurs around him and he cannot expose himself, the hippopotamus only slightly exposes the top of his head to the surface of the water and quietly observes the movement like a submarine.


The elephant kept flapping its ears, its nose stretching high into the air, like the barrel of a towering anti-aircraft gun.


A flock of golden bees, like golden clouds, pounced overwhelmingly on the alfalfa fields in full bloom.


The jujube-red horse, with its long mane scattered, ran with its four hooves as if they were not touching the ground.


On the surface of the water, there are a group of wild ducks, their brilliant feathers, like a cluster of garlands floating in the afterglow of the sunset.


The dog in front of him was finally challenged. He turned around and crushed the puppy to the ground so that it could not move. He wanted to eat the bone.


Hedgehogs are plump, short-legged and have sharp claws. They are suitable for digging earth. Their long sharp red mouth is easy to catch insects.


In the bright blue sky, a few thin wires are connected to the pole, and there are a few small black dots on the line, that is, swallow. How like the music to be played!


The green and glittering eyes of the wolves glittered like ghosts and flames in the dark night.


The antelope has a long black track on its back. As long as it lies still among the rocks, it will not be found if the beast passes over its head.


When the peacock opens its screen, it is like a blue gauze Palace fan. The eye spots on the tail feather reflect brilliance, like countless small mirrors.


Kangaroo tail like a stick on the ground, with two hind feet together, became a good tripod.


The sika deer has neat and distinct white spots on both sides of its body. Looking from a distance, they seem to be blossoms of sika, which gradually disappear in winter.


When it was going to rain, dragonflies flew in groups at low altitudes, drifting and sprinkling, with glass-like transparent wings agitating, like a light small plane.


This strange butterfly looks like a dead leaf hanging upside down on a tree. If you reach for it, it will fly.


The Dragonfly also has its flying stunts. It flies up and down, fast and slow. It can glide, touch water, and make a sharp turn with a little flutter of its wings.


Woodpeckers have round heads, long mouths, brushes like tails, and colorful clothes.


Now, I'm still watching snails. I want to know more secrets.


When the rabbits were full, they ran about in groups in the sand, like a small snowball rolling.